This notion of « terrain vague » is interesting for me in a way that it is closely linked to my previous subject of investigation on the ABC-MTL exhibition. As showed in my analysis, those empty spaces, are a major point of importance in the inhabitant’s lifes. It a focal point of meeting for shared public activities and therefore, become improvised public spaces that have a major role to play in the community building process.

In the text “Transurbance”, I specially enjoyed the metaphorical representation of those interruptions and unbuilted zones that the author does, firstly using the image of an « archipelago of islands in an open sea » and further on, making reference to « a sort of leopard-skin with empty spots inside the constructed city and full spots in the  middle of the country side».

We can clearly observe these sporadic « voids » in Mama Rosa movie. Indeed, most of the movie take part in an undefined historical area in the middle of the built settlements which somehow become a strong case study for the representation of the dwellers everyday lifes.

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